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The Singleton and Composition/Testability

Posted by coreycoogan on September 3, 2010

I read this post from Kellabyte which got me thinking about solutions I’ve used in the past.  There’s ways to live with Singletons, at least from a composition and testability standpoint.  This can come in especially handy when working with a legacy code base.

The first thing, is that your property/method that returns the instance of the Singleton should return an interface, not a concrete.

public static ILog Instance
     get{ return _logger;}

I assume when talking about composition, we are all using an IoC container of some kind.  My favorite is StructureMap.  Most containers have the ability to configure a type resolution through a factory method.

In SM, it might look like this:

.Use(() => Logger.Instance)

Now any requests from your container that require an ILog instance can come from the Singleton in production, but resolve to a mock or anything else in test scenarios.

//example of Dependency Injection via constructor
public class SoSomethingService(ISomethingRepository repo, ILog logger)
//set to instance vars

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